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Every business needs to think about security. So, you need a flexible camera system that you can access both on and offsite. Cloud Surveillance security cameras work over your existing IP network and offer a complete, cost-effective solution. With more than 1200 IP and megapixel cameras to choose from, your business can be easily secured. You can also convert your existing analog security camera signals to IP video streams.  Request a quote

Secure in the CloudSecurity is more affordable than ever. Now you can monitor critical business resources over the Internet from anywhere. You can even remotely control some models to pan, tilt, and zoom in on exactly what you need to see. Your business will never again be beyond your reach. With the power of Cloud Surveillance security, your cameras can be viewed on Windows and Mac desktops, Touch screens, Tablets or your Smartphone, including iPad, Android and Blackberry.

(Secure VPN connections available to your network, if requested. Additional fees  apply)


Cloud Surveillance
for Business
Account Upgrades

Business accounts include:

* 1 GB (1,000 MB) cloud video storage for each camera on your surveillance system.
* 2 User accounts w/ custom levels.
(live, playback, PTZ, audio, manage, ect.)
* E-map of your business showing all cameras & locations. Mouse-over for live camera view.
* Unlimited bandwidth to send camera video to the Cloud.
* Unlimited access to review your account and cameras.
* No limit to number of cameras on your surveillance system.
* No limit to amount of storage
on your surveillance system.
* No limit to users added
to your surveillance system.
More Storage?add storage to your any of your cameras, in 1GB (1,000MB) increments. Storage can be purchased in bulk for a greater value.

* each 1GB of Cloud Storage = 3-4 days
video recording, at 640×480 VGA resolution, using smart motion recording.

More Users? Add users to your account with managed permissions, so they only access what you want them too.

Cloud Surveillance

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