Infrastructure Surveillance

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Government & Infrastructure Surveillance

We work with government agencies to create the best surveillance solution for any given situation; both for asset protection and emergency management applications. We also provide hands-on training to government employees at a dedicated site. We can provide the security infrastructure you need for almost every situation. With the size and scope of government projects, our focus is to understand the unique security environment in which your agency operates, provide the necessary resources to deal with that environment and offer our expertise to create the perfect solution. We will prove that perfect is possible.  Request a quote

(Secure VPN connections available to your network, if requested. Additional fees apply.)

City Government SurveillanceSecurity for city government & agencies:
It doesn’t really matter the specific operation, security cameras empowered with Cloud Surveillance can be instantly deployed anywhere. Cameras, storage, and users are infantely scalable with Cloud Surveillance. Custom user permissions can restrict access to specific facilities and cameras; or allow unlimited access to every facility and camera. All from a single login. Establishing your surveillance infrastructure, is a whole lot easier when you have the right tools.

Border Protection in the CloudCloud Surveillance for Border Protection:
With border protection being as dangerous and difficult as it is, we don’t believe you should have to put a bunch of complicated systems together, to make it all work while you’re out in the field. Cloud Surveillance security systems connects every camera, from every location, to every user, instantly with a single login. Cloud Surveillance security systems are simple enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. You need to watch targets from a remote location? Done. Login to any camera from anywhere, using Windows, Mac, smart phones and tablets. We designed the Cloud Surveillance security system to seamlessly integrate all cameras, with all devices.   Request a quote

Police Surveillance in the CloudCloud Surveillance for Police / Armed Forces / ISR:
We are been industry leaders in providing Cloud Surveillance security solutions to federal, state, and police customers. One security platform that connects all your facilities, vehicles and tactical operations. From operational security to facility surveillance, you have the power to secure any number of locations, of any size and to seamlessly integrate operations and protect facilities across America. We can help you reduce your TCO and technical challenges. We can help you identify potential threats to security and provide a private, dedicated video security platform for you to operate. These assessments can help you design a comprehensive and cost-effective surveillance system, customized to your needs.

Cloud Surveillance for Education:

From smaller campuses to larger school districts, we protect hundreds of schools across the nation. Our school security solutions are innovative; our creative approach means that we consider things like integrating your various security camera systems so you can have one solution. Simple. Things change even more quickly in a schools. Our Cloud Surveillance security solutions to adapt to changing conditions so that you’re always aware of what’s going on, but never using outdated technology. You can manage all your faculties with a single login. And with wireless pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, you can zoom, tilt, or pan the camera to Request a Quotesee what else is going on in a room. We’ve even made our surveillance hosting systems mobile-ready so you can access them from your smart phone or tablet if you want.

To see the difference Cloud Surveillance security systems makes, call us to set up a free consultation and demonstration. We want to make sure you have options for the specific challenges your agency, school or police department  faces.