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Home Security Camera Monitoring:

Home security systems in today’s world, helps to deter predators who desire to invade and destroy your home. Cloud Surveillance security systems are easy to setup and provides you constant, intelligent monitoring to detect and thwart intruders, while protecting you with constant surveillance and security. Your cameras are recording everything as you roll your cart down the grocery aisle, as your plane soars above the clouds, as your toes mingle in a beach miles away. Cloud surveillance cameras are easy to setup, they never sleep and record surveillance video to off-site, secure cloud surveillance servers, keeping your security video footage safe and secure.

Home Surveillance in the Cloud

Products for Home Surveillance

“In 2007, there were 71,319 arson offenses, 93,433 forcible rapes, 413,402
robberies, 1.4 million violent offenses, 2,153,464  burglaries, slightly more than 7 million larceny-thefts in the United States.. (as reported by the FBI crime statistics)”.

Cloud surveillance hosting can not stop every crime from happening, but it can help bring these offenders to justice by making surveillance cameras easy to deploy, and by securing your surveillance video where the criminals can’t access it.

Business & Industrial Surveillance Monitoring:

Businesses and industrial facilities often spend thousands of dollars or more, employ professional services to secure their properly with traditional surveillance systems and often encounter many malfunctions including bad hard drives and other product phenomenon that could easily leave their assets unsecure. Cloud surveillance hosting allows businesses and industrial facilities to reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) because there is no DVR system to purchase or maintain. Megapixel, IP and traditional cameras can be quickly installed without professional assistance or installation. Just connect the security cameras to the internet to monitor and record all activities. Your cloud surveillance system can have 1 camera or 10,000, there is no limit.

Cloud Surveillance protection for BusinessProducts for Business Surveillance

“In 2008, there were an estimated 2,222,196 burglaries is the USA—an increase of 2.0 percent when compared with 2007 data. (as reported by the FBI crime statistics)”

Cloud surveillance technology allows you monitor your cameras from your Windows or Mac desktops, laptops and most every smart phone and tablet available, including iPhone, Android, Balckberry and Windows. Your office is your engine for revenue production and it drives your live style and feeds your family. It delivers the satisfaction of excellence and success. If your business is vulnerable, it threatens your performance, your reputation, your livelihood.

Emergency Management & First Responders:

Surveillance in the CloudIn the event of a natural disaster, terror attack or other emergency, cloud surveillance hosting infrastructure is most likely the first infrastructure to be established, because of the strategic location of each data center. Cloud surveillance camera systems can dramatically decrease setup time and allow officials and security personnel to devote more time to other emergency management operations.

Cloud surveillance technology allows first responders to setup surveillance camera systems within minutes on secure, hosted cloud infrastructure. Megapixel cameras (up to 10MP) allow officials to monitor and playback super high resolution security video footage that is more than 20x the resolution of a standard CCTV camera. Cloud surveillance cameras can be deployed and monitored from anywhere in the world.   Products for Infrastructure Surveillance

Event, Trade Show & VIP Security:

Cloud surveillance systems are used to quickly and easily provide surveillance security at events such as trade shows, conferences and other public gatherings, where traditional surveillance camera systems are time consuming to setup or have not been previously installed. Cloud surveillance technology allows security camera systems to be setup almost instantly and record to secure cloud data centers. Cloud surveillance cameras allow event security personnel to pan-tilt-zoom cameras to closely monitor activities from a great distance or utilize megapixel cameras for super high resolution monitoring and playback of security video footage; more than 15x the resolution of a standard CCTV camera. When the event is over, cloud surveillance cameras can be quickly recalled and ready for the next event.  Products for Business Surveillance